For colouring and reconstructing treatment in just 5 minutes

Espresso quick as an espresso coffee!

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Ideal for swift colour service in the salon or at home.
To revitalise hair colour, or test out new looks.
Gradually fades out without changing the base colour.


ACID pH Helps seal the scales, locking in the coloured pigment inside the hair.

RECONSTRUCTING Its formula rich in active principles ensures hair is strong and full of life, and always in perfect shape.

DELICATE Its ammonia-free formula is ideal for even the most sensitive scalps. Leaves a sweet vanilla fragrance on hair.

DISCIPLINING Applied as a mask after shampooing, it colours hair while leaving it softer and easier to comb.

PRACTICAL A new easy-to-use flask, for convenient application of the product in the salon and at home.


Circularity and care, exclusively by Vitality’s

Reusing to create something new

Vitality’s collects the unused parts of coffee beans from a local business and, in partnership with a Cleantech Company in Turin (an environmentally- friendly business focused on the research and development of extraction techniques) produces the active principle exclusive to Espresso - RE-CUP COFFEE.

The production process

The thin layer of skin that flakes off the coffee bean during roasting is separated from the product and then processed into an extract that gives bright, vivid colour to hair.

The reconstructing ingredient in Espresso

A plant protein-based molecular
complex that reconstructs hair at depth,
enhancing shine and softness.

11 shades

to suit any look